Our Journey

Our Journey

PERCON was originally conceived to provide assistance to organisations in industry or outside industry, in all matters, where people issues were involved. The spectrum was wide but the scope was limited in the late eighties (1988), when the venture was embarked upon. Organisations hired consultants in the people domain, only when they needed assistance in litigations or in strengthening the legal formidability or perhaps in sourcing and providing manpower.

We at PERCON therefore, started targeting organisations, which were in the formative stages – irrespective of history or size and sought assignments that helped them in codifying their HR Norms and Procedures – a help they could not acquire in-house through inexpensive HR professionals who were more of trouble-shooters. This helped us to gain an insight into training needs and requirements of manpower. We dabbled with both, as additional things to do, but later preferred to keep out of sourcing and placing people for strategic reasons.

Training was assuming greater importance as the market opened up and PERCON did a fairly commendable job, leaving indelible marks in organisations small...and big, while work for HR methods and their codification continued. However successful the training sessions were, the content did not find its implementation at work over a period of time, for organisations were not open to follow-up programmes. They looked for immediate gratification and the hype that it left to be with the ‘Jones’s’

We kept looking for something that was more sustainable, while competition for everyone intensified and the ultimate key word was ‘Competitive Advantage’. By then Dave Ulrich’s ‘Organisational Capability’, Kaplan & Norton’s ‘The Balanced Scorecard’ and Marcus Buckingham’s ‘First Break All the Rules’ had opened the flood-gates to novel thought processes about organisations in race. We at PERCON were inspired to address the deliverables in a different way.

The discovery!!

Transformation was the answer and the process had to be geared with a holistic approach with a definite direction with ample handholding lent to the organisation. We discovered that training was only one of the tools. Transformation had to be sustainable. Therefore conformance of methods with attitudes was crucial. The IT world had come up with transformation of images with typical software and derived a word ‘morphing’ from the biological jargon of metamorphosis, for the same. Dr Deepak Chopra the spiritual speaker and management guru borrowed the word into management nomenclature...by saying that you ‘morph’ an organisation, when you transform it. Here was a word that was contemporary and suited us well...and ‘Morphing’ was launched.