Step Four

Step Four

A precise work out of both the ALC and the ELC was undertaken through counselling and training, to slam the disapproval of the interventions, by some people, because the members of the ALC and the ELC were primarily to secure the grounds of the interventions.

A “Field Force Analysis” was carried out with the help of the members of the ELC themselves, through questionnaires and interviews. This exercise revealed the strength of the opposition and aided in devising a strategy to beat the same.

It was discovered that there were some staff – both amongst the line and the support functions – which had spent a number of years with the company and had towed the line of the erstwhile business culture, even after the take over. They would muster their opinions, which only inadvertently got cushioned at a higher level, i.e., the Head-Test and Measuring Equipment Division. There were ones, who really were counter to the idea of trying anything new, whilst there were still others who were on the boundary.

There was a resolute endeavour to discuss with the ALC members, the concerns, coupled with the other troubles, which were mostly conformance, attitude and performance related, so that appropriate ‘go ahead’ signals were granted to develop those attitudes and performances.

  • A three-day outbound MDP was planned to encourage teamwork, leadership and interpersonal skills, interdependence and the importance of proactive benchmarking.
  • A time bound plan was laid out for the ELC members to evolve the attitudes of work in different functions and review them.
  • Planned training sessions were conducted with the team members by the ELC members. It was made sure that the facilitators for these training sessions were cross – functional.
  • Frequent and regular stocktaking and brainstorming sessions were planned with the ELC members to watch the progress, which was done very closely. Systems were not touched, but purposes of each system were clarified with the European Headquarters.
  • The Division Head – Test and Measuring Equipment after being convinced, expressly and consciously determined not to entertain any opinion that was contrary to what was evolved in the ALC and ELC.