Step Two

Step Two

PERCON facilitated the formation of the Apex Level Committee, which was comprised of the two Divisional Heads, the Finance Head and the Administration & IT Infrastructure Head.

The Apex Level Committee members were acquainted of the rationale behind the formation of this Committee, i.e., endorsement of the guidelines that were to be evolved, so as to develop a spotlight on the immediate shift in the business mission and perspective.

PERCON assisted in training the members of this committee for these responsibilities and advised them on tightening their thoughts down to what they needed to be in the changing times. They were also apprised about their own strengths, which they could afford to utilise favourably, as also those areas, where they needed to perk up.

Psychometric tests were also administered to assist everyone to introspect oneself and to assess as to where one stood vis-à-vis the required attitude. This helped in turning around the Test and Measuring Equipment Division Head in giving hundred per cent, in favour of the interventions.

The members were also updated effectively, as to how they ought to synchronise with the subsequent level Committee which was to assist in the execution of the changes.