Enhanced Customer Gratification

Enhanced Customer Gratification

Employees who are dissatisfied with their positions are a tremendous obstacle to developing customer loyalty. Some recent research that surveyed 1,597 employed executives (conducted by ExecuNet) revealed some interesting facts: At least 1 of 3 executives were dissatisfied with their positions - or in more simple terms ready to jump ship.

If the executive was in sales, that dissatisfaction translated into almost 1 in 2. The further away the executive was from external customers the higher they rated their job satisfaction. Since business is all about people, this statistic reveals a lot of people who truly do not understand the purpose of business is to attract and maintain customers.

When internal customers (employees), be they executives or front line workers, become dissatisfied with their positions, the end result is that their interactions with others become unauthentic and generate negative feelings that are both conscious and subconscious.

As human beings, our emotional feelings and being unsatisfied has emotional connections. We need to remember that all feelings can be heard, seen and most importantly felt by many around us. Determining why employees are unhappy especially those who have first contact with external customers becomes important and may need to engage in organisational assessments that are aligned to recognised quality criteria that look beyond the "How’s" and "Whys" of behaviour.

Developing employees based upon the results of these assessments is the next step. Then, reassessing actions to determine the impact of the development and coaching is the final step. Failing to take these corrective actions may not only result in unhappy employees, but in higher customer turnover and lower profitability.