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Was fortunately associated with workplaces from those good old days when factories used to be the core area of operations for business

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One of the richest in cultural heritage, this country is as ancient as one can imagine. Historians and their proclamations have been contradictory, but one

The facts I happened to be in discussion with a youngster who pitched in for a job with a well renowned American BPO, recently. She

We all know that our country has been caught up in a vicious cycle, where uninhibited population growth is chasing proper education; and I would go on to the

It is indeed very heartening to know about the initiative, that by 2030 we would have only e-cars for sale. The Government of India needs

Dhruva Trivedy

Founder & Chief Interventionist | PERCON
Author, Academecian, Management Guru


Having born just after independence, imbibed many nationalistic values, which over the years culminated into concern for humanity and globe. These values gradually reinforced themselves, with the exposure to higher education, cosmopolitanism and opening of the Indian economy.

Search innumerable occasions to alleviate the cause of human issues in the corporate world and contribute substantially to business.

Formal elementary learning was acquired with the help of the Irish Christian Brothers from an eminent missionary school in New Delhi, followed by graduation with honours and a university rank in Sociology from the University of Delhi and a post graduate degree in Personnel Management (older perspective of HR) from a premier institute imparting training in human behaviour and issues and the informal learning continued.

40+ years of qualitative insight into corporate issues that may have had any kind of human dimension in India and abroad, both as an insider and as an

Also possesses a facilitation expertise in training, administration of psychometrics and ‘change management’ consulting.
Winner of Thought Leader title from CIPD UK on its selection of 100 Thought Leaders across the World.

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